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A trove of antiquities and ancient culture

Why visit Egypt

Legends come to life in the land of the Pharaohs.  Nothing can detract from the ancient wonders, myths and artefacts on display in this mesmerizing country.  Egypt has been attracting travellers for centuries with the focus on the great monuments along the Nile.   Temples and tombs take you on a timeless journey where your imagination runs wild.

Why we love Egypt

Let’s go Sailing

Whether it’s on a felucca, a dahabiya or a river ship, you are going to want to step aboard a vessel that transports you back in time and has you following in the footsteps of Pharaohs’ on the Nile River.  It’s truly the best way to witness the rhythm of local life at a leisurely pace.

The writings on the Wall

Hieroglyphs are the ancient Egyptian pictorial script adorning temple walls and tombs.  Translated it means “sacred carvings” and is referred to as the language of the gods.  There are over 700 hieroglyphic symbols that add to the beauty and mystery of the marvels to be seen.

The Lifeblood of an Ancient Civilization

The longest, and arguably most vital river in the world, The Nile, is the lifeblood of Egypt.  It creates a fertile green valley across the desert which resembles a lotus flower.   It is also an ideal habitat for the plentiful avifauna which plays an important role in the history of Egypt.

Under the Sea

Ras Mohammed National Park is a protected eco-system teeming with shoals of dazzling fish as well as variety many sought-after aquatic creatures.  A quirky alternative is to explore the underwater city near Alexandria. The seabed is littered with Greek and Roman ruins and even a WWII plane!

Our Egypt highlights

Chaotic Cairo is the frenetic capital of Egypt.  A trove of treasures awaits to be explored around every corner.  From the predominant Pyramids of Giza with the Great Sphinx standing sentinel to the Egyptian museum housing the world’s largest collection of antiquities.  From the thronging maze that is the Khan Al-Khalili bazaar to the sprawling citadel.  Every visit to Egypt needs to include a little Cairo.

Luxor, a city in Upper Egypt is proclaimed to be the world’s greatest open-air museum, and with good reason.  On the east bank, the twin foci is on the Temple of Karnak and the Temple of Luxor.  Both are colossal complexes depicting the wealth and power of Ancient Thebes.  On the west bank lies the necropolis. This ancient cemetery includes the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, as well as the masterpiece that is the mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

Aswan in southern Egypt, once a strategic gateway is now a laid back, palm-treed studded Nubian town. Its quarries provided the building blocks for many statues, temples and obelisks.  Nearby, on an island in the Nile is the magnificent Philae Temple.  Its walls are adorned with ornate hieroglyphs, declared to be the last written.


Abu Simbel is it a magnificent temple carved into the mountainside. Constructed in such a way that twice a year the sun’s rays illuminate a statue of Ramses in the inner sanctum, which for the rest of the year is swathed in darkness.  Even more astounding is that the entire temple was moved in a remarkable feat of engineering from its original location to higher ground to save it from the rising water of the Nile.

The Mediterranean port city of Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt.  Founded by Alexander the Great it is home to a host of significant attractions. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a strikingly designed library and museum centre.  The Montazah Gardens, offer a beautiful setting to soak up the views of the coastline while admiring the lush gardens surrounding the royal residence.  Pompey’s Pillar, The Catacombs of Kom El-Shuqqafa and Fort Quaitbuy, are all meritorious.   The Corniche, a once-grand waterfront promenade is a walkable boulevard connecting the sites.

The Red Sea Coast offers scuba divers some of the world’s best dive spots at Sharm El Shiekh, Hurghada, and Dahab.  Pristine reefs, abundant and diverse marine life, epic wrecks and perfect conditions attract recreational divers in their droves.  The dramatic coastline, backed by the desert is an enticing natural playground. Whether its lively nightlife and resorts or low-key luxury, there is a sandy spot for everyone on the Red Sea Riviera.

Some of our favourite accommodation in Egypt

Sanctuary Nile Adventurer

Widely regarded as one of the best boutique ships on the epic Nile, and named as one of National Geographic’s ‘Journeys of a lifetime’.

Marriott Mena House

Located in what is the most coveted location in Egypt, beneath the hefty Great Pyramid, the palatial Marriott Mena House is our first choice in Giza accommodation.

The Oberoi Zahra

The Beautiful Oberoi Zahra Luxury Nile CruiserSee the grandeur of ancient Egypt unfold before your eyes on The Oberoi Zahra Nile Cruiser where old meets new aboard this elegant 5* vessel

Some Sample Egypt Itineraries

Cairo - Nile Cruise - Red Sea

Stunning Temple in Egypt10 Day Egypt Adventure visiting Cairo, 3 night Nile Cruise and the Red Sea

Cairo - Nile Cruise - Abu Simbel

Stunning Temple in Egypt9 Day Egypt Adventure visiting Cairo, 4 night Nile Cruise and Abu Simbel

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